Yay, Credit Card Theft!

So, I got a very nice call from the Fraud Detection department working with Five County Credit Union, yesterday. Turns out, I was ordering Playground Equipment, and they didn’t think that was like me…

Well, it isn’t, and it wasn’t!

That’s pretty much the whole story: Playground Equipment, and some $1 bidding service. The only other odd bit was that the transactions were authorizations, and didn’t carry a value, so I got lucky.

Anyway, the card is flagged, closed, and I am getting a new one. Both transactions happen in the span of two days, and for the life of me I can not figure out where they would have left my sight recently. So I am guessing we are going to hear about another breach soon. Either that, or they were leaked as part of the Hannaford or Target breaches over the past few years, and it was my cards turn to get used. Either way, all is right with the world.

I will say, though. I looked at the website, and it was some pretty awesome playground equipment. I wouldn’t mind having a slide like that in my back yard…

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